Clamp Desk


Minimal Birch Ply design desk with clamp legs that can be taken taken off quickly and easily. Desk top height 71cm (different heights on request)

This item is made specially for you and can not be returned or canceled.


Clamp table or desk leg (quick mount)


Clamp table or desk leg is easily mounted on any 18mm plywood sheet with the eccentric leaver underneath the table top. The leg is also adjustable in height with the lever and extending strip on the bottom side. The minimal table top height is 68 cm and the highest position os approximately 82cm. This Clamp leg is made from spruce plywood, unfinished.


Spine Chair

Cnc milled wooden design chair, spine chair

“Spine” Design chair. lounge chair made from natural pine plywood, A unique design, designed and made by Michiel van Dijk (more pieces available on request).

This item is made specially for you and can not be returned or canceled.


Wooden Laptop Standard


Wooden laptop standard for laptops from 13″, 15”  and 17″, quick and easily set up and easy to take with you. Made of a good quality wood. Unique design. Nice as a gift for someone or or for yourself. Handy for working with an external keyboard at home, during travels or at work.


Standing Desk, Desk Standard

standing-desk-bureau standaard

Wooden laptop or computer standard for working upright, standing behind your desk. The standard has two platforms for both laptop/monitor and mouse and keyboard. The platforms are adjustable in height. The standard is easy to take with you and easily and quickly mounted. The standard is strong and durable. Unique design.